Community Trainings


Community First

At Whole Connection we believe that on going education is important to work as therapists.  We are constantly learning from our practice in therapy, but we cannot learn everything from practicing.  Just like how we find it important for our own team to grow in trainings and that all community should be able to access affordable mental health care, we believe that the community of therapists should have access to quality and affordable trainings.  Because of this we offer trainings to the larger community of therapists and even community members interested in Mental Health.  We bring in experts in specific fields to discuss and share their knowledge.  In doing so we do ask for a donation for those trainers and to support the space and we know that not everyone can afford such a donation, so we encourage all people to join, regardless if you can donate or not.

Some examples of the community trainings coming up are below and we hope to have more to come!  If you want to hear about our community trainings in the future Like our Page or sign up for our newsletter and you will be notified of posts and events

May 7th 2018: An Introduction to Diagnosing and Treating Bipolar Disorders. -- by Dr. Alisha Brosse

June 4th: Tips and Tools for Integrating Brain Research Into Your Therapy Practice  -- by Dan Fox LPC