Community Trainings


Community First

Strength in Motion and Whole Connection have come together in our efforts to offer high-quality affordable trainings for mental health workers, students, and members of the community interested in healing and wellness. Both centers were born from a passion to build communities of like-minded healers who are focused on helping clients from all walks of life thrive. We believe that ongoing training is a core component in keeping our therapists and healers engaged and continually growing. We believe in sharing these trainings with the broader community. Our mission is to bring in experts from various fields who will share their knowledge, foster important conversations, and bring broader awareness to important healing modalities. We hope you will join our growing community at an upcoming training!

Some examples of the community trainings coming up are below and we hope to have more to come!  If you want to hear about our community trainings in the future Like our Page or sign up for our newsletter and you will be notified of posts and events

August 14th 2018: Making Meaning of the Treatment of Eating Disorders. -- by Dana Satir, PhD, CEDS

September 12th 2018:  Gender Awareness and Responsiveness -- by Sorin Thomas LPC, LAC (Xe, Xyr, Xem)

October 20th & 21st 2018  Reaching Across the Racial Divide: It Starts with Me and Ends with Us -- by MarcĂ©e M. Turner, PhD., Marcia Warren Edelman, LPCC, and Phillip Horner, LCSW, CGP