We believe group is an agent of change.  It can help with our relationships, grief, uncovering our past, or even building skills to work through difficult times.  Here are a few groups we are offering and will be starting in the near future:

  • Relationship Group(s): Growing Through Connection
  • DBT Process
  • DBT Traditional
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

All groups are $50/group with discussion of sliding scale is needed. Medicaid is accepted for groups

DBT Traditional is $600 for the 12 week group

If you are interested in joining a group with us fill out our Quick Get to Know You form and share you want to be in one of our groups.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Traditional (DBT)

Starts June 25th! sign up at the above link


When: Mondays 4:30-6:00 Facilitated by Erika Brann LCSW

Layout for Group:

Members can join this group during the week of mindfulness. Each members starting point might be different, but they will all go through the 12 week program.

12 Weeks:

  • 3 weeks of Emotional Regulation
  • 1 week of Mindfulness
  • 3 weeks of Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • 1 week of Mindfulness
  • 3 weeks of Distress Tolerance
  • 1 week of Mindfulness

DBT is an evidenced based treatment with successful outcomes for people seeking relief from emotional pain, helping to improve communication, reduce impulsivity, and provide meaning and clarity to issues that seem ongoing; it can help people become “unstuck” in their relationships, trauma, and depression.

DBT is a comprehensive treatment for that focuses on problem solving and acceptance based strategies. It utilizes teaching skills and individual therapy. The framework is to work on change and acceptance at the same time. The skills that taught are: mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness.  

Erica Brann, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience  working with clients using DBT. She has worked with adults, adolescents and people struggling with addiction using the DBT model. She completed the Intensive DBT training and also completed training with Marsha Linehan on treating suicidal clients.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Process (DBT)

Starts July 10th! Sign up at the above link

DBT Process Flyer-1.jpg

When: Tuesdays 5:00 pm - 6:30 Facilitated by Lauren Andre LCSW

This will be a process and skills-based group. The group will have two parts; it will begin with processing amongst group members with facilitator support regarding client's current and ongoing struggles. The second part will follow up on the first with an introduction of a DBT skill suitable for the group's current needs. This group will incorporate elements of a traditional process group as well as DBT informed skills training.

DBT has been proven to help clients make changes to positively impact daily living. The goal of this group will be to allow clients the same to process with others while learning and mastering coping skills to more effectively manage distress as well as conflict in relationships.

Lauren has been facilitating group therapy and teaching DBT skills for over 6 years in an outpatient setting. Her approach to therapy is integrative and holistic. She strives to create collaborative therapeutic relationships with respect for client autonomy and strength. Lauren aims to meet clients where they’re at with empathy and compassion. She empowers clients to make choices that align with their personal goals and values.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)


When: September 6th & 7th Orientation Dates -- Finishes November 8th (weekly group) Facilitated by Melissa Utz LPCC

Melissa Utz completed a two year MBSR teacher training at the University of Massachusetts Medical School at the Oasis Center, Center for Mindfulness.

Melissa facilitates this 8 week group that is focused on teaching skills to help individuals work on stress and anxiety.Future Groups Waiting for More Members


Relationship Group: Growing through Connection

Group 1Wednesdays 4:00pm - 5:30 Facilitated by Phillip Horner LCSW

Group 2 Thursdays 4:00pm - 5:30 Facilitated by Phillip Horner LCSW

Group 3 TBD Facilitated by Lauren Andre


The main topic of this group is relationships with ourselves and others.  We will be in a here and now process, which is focusing on what is happening in the group through feelings, desires, and thoughts.  The purpose is to help engage with these elements to understand our vulnerabilities and intimacy with others.  By doing so we explore ourselves and see our past patterns and grow to establish future relationships in and outside of the group.  This group is open to all, but is focused on the ages of early mid 20s and ranging to people in people in their early 40 to 50s.