Our Mission

Depending on if you are interested in therapy (through groups or individual), supervision (individual or group) or looking for support in you organization, connection is usually a good place to start.  By focusing on the many identities that a person might have we focus on the importance of including them all while making sure that the connection is the central focus.  In doing this we are looking to help create more inclusiveness and healing between barriers in our life.  Learn about therapy, consultation, groups, how to get started. and more about our team.

We believe that all people should have access to Therapy. Because of this we try and meet the needs of those of the community who come to see us by either sliding our fees or accepting medicaid insurance.  With a team large enough to take on the growing needs of our communities we hope we can serve you. Contact us and let us know how we might be able to help you!

Who We Are

Whole Connection came together as a place to provide training and constant growth for therapists who were working in the community, particular with community members who have difficulty accessing mental health resources.  We have slowly become a group of therapists and interns and continue to growing. Central to our work is understanding a person through a social work perspective.  This means we look at how culture and society effect them along with the importance of mental health concerns. In order to do this we make sure that we continue to learn and grow from the best in our community.  To make sure this happens we believe in continuing our own education.

In order for us to provide therapy in this context we continually go through trainings every month on different subjects that are important.  As well we provide community trainings to the community, we believe all people should have opportunity to grow.  A few examples coming up: