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Whole Connection offers psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, children, and families. We do this through individual, family, and group psychotherapy.  Depending on the clinician the style and process might defer, but for each the goal is the same, helping our clients towards their goals in therapy.  At Whole Connection we aim to create a healthy relationship with oneself.  In therapy we aim for this by working through the many other avenues in our life that might contribute to us having a unhealthy relationship, such as our families, romantic relationships, work, society, and the different patterns we create.

We are a training clinic and offer services from clinicians at various levels of training including interns, clinicians gaining hours towards licensure, and fully licensed clinicians.  Our interns are trained through local graduate programs including Naropa University and CU Denver.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy is an wonderful addition to individual therapy and something that can enhance someone’s therapeutic experience. In today’s society it is hard for us not involve ourselves in groups. Many of us are engaged in groups at work, school, with friends, family, and other outside activities such as team sports, social interactions, and organizations. In most of these experiences we have feelings that come up that can create separations, distance, anxiety, anger, and love. From these events we can learn so much about ourselves not only presently about who we are, but also who we have been and what past experiences are still unresolved within us.  

In group therapy it can be very important to be in a “here and now” process where. The here and now is the ability for a person to express their immediate thoughts without filtering or suppressing them. Group can be a wonderful place where people can rebuild relationships and grow closer in their understanding of intimacy. It is a space where people can heal from pains, struggles, or past relationships with the help of new relationships. When people are able to share their feelings and thoughts with the group it greatly helps in discovering themselves.

Medicaid covers both individual and group therapy.

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Cultural and Identity Centered Therapy

Here at Whole Connection we give attention to the many different cultures and identities we might be bringing in.  We believe it is important to understand a person in their whole. This can look different for everyone. As we might know each of feels and takes in things differently due to our cultural background and sometimes this can separate us, but can also be very important to us.  It could be how communicate, engage, or are seen in the world.  All these pieces make up who we are and how we also treated in the world.  In our sessions we make sure to give room for the whole person.


Community Trainings

At Whole Connection we believe that on going education is important to work as therapists.  We are constantly learning from our practice in therapy, but we cannot learn everything from practicing.  Just like how we find it important for our own team to grow in trainings and that all community should be able to access affordable mental health care, we believe that the community of therapists should have access to quality and affordable trainings.  Because of this we offer trainings to the larger community of therapists and even community members interested in Mental Health.  We bring in experts in specific fields to discuss and share their knowledge.  In doing so we do ask for a donation for those trainers and to support the space and we know that not everyone can afford such a donation, so we encourage all people to join, regardless if you can donate or not.

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