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Whole Connection offers psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, children, and families. We do this through individual, family, and group psychotherapy.  Depending on the clinician the style and process might defer, but for each the goal is the same, helping our clients towards their goals in therapy.  At Whole Connection we aim to create a healthy relationship with oneself.  In therapy we aim for this by working through the many other avenues in our life that might contribute to us having a unhealthy relationship, such as our families, romantic relationships, work, society, and the different patterns we create.


Therapy for Therapists

Therapy might be one of the most important things for every therapist to have.  It is a space that allows the therapists to investigate themselves and grow as a therapist by learning through the process.  Phillip provides a space to work relationally in order to allow the client to ask questions, be inquisitive about the therapy space, and investigate their own histories through a psychodynamic lens. In doing this Phillip also will at times explain what is happening in order to support the therapist in their own learning as they grow into more experienced therapists.


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Cultural and Identity Centered Therapy

Here at Whole Connection we give attention to the many different cultures and identities we might be bringing in.  We believe it is important to understand a person in their whole. This can look different for everyone. As we might know each of feels and takes in things differently due to our cultural background and sometimes this can separate us, but can also be very important to us.  It could be how communicate, engage, or are seen in the world.  All these pieces make up who we are and how we also treated in the world.  In our sessions we make sure to give room for the whole person.



Phillip offers individual and group supervision for therapists looking for hours and continued learning.  

Phillip practices from a psychodynamic and relational lens and makes sure that the social justice lens around identities is brought into the room.  Through supervision he helps guide through cases, understand counter-transference and discusses the relationship between the supervise and him.

If you are interested in supervision with Phillip or have more questions contact him here